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Micro-Pave Diamond Letter Pendant Necklace 18k White Gold

Gem Clarity
  • Origin Japan
    Material Natural Diamond and 18k White Gold

    Approx. 1.2 x 1.4 cm (different letters have a small dimensions difference)


    Color Grade: F
    Clarity Grade: VS
    Other: Including 18k White Gold Adjustable Chain 40-45cm

    Each Letter Pendant Details:
    Necklace Weighty Carat
    A: 3.81g 0.23ct
    B: 3.93g 0.26ct
    C: 3.69g 0.26ct
    D: 4.04g 0.35ct
    E: 3.83g 0.24ct
    F: 3.59g 0.21ct
    G: 3.80g 0.24ct
    H: 4.46g 0.40ct
    I: 3.26g 0.15ct
    J: 3.62g 0.24ct
    K: 4.26g 0.29ct
    L: 3.54g 0.25ct
    M: 4.49g 0.38ct
    N: 4.05g 0.22ct
    O: 3.81g 0.26ct
    P: 3.70g 0.29ct
    Q: 3.83g 0.30ct
    R: 4.24g 0.33ct
    S: 3.70g 0.28ct
    T: 3.69g 0.19ct
    U: 4.70g 0.35ct
    V: 3.67g 0.17ct
    W: 4.01g 0.39ct
    X: 4.13g 0.31ct
    Y: 3.38g 0.17ct
    Z: 3.76g 0.27ct

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